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Workforce Optimization<br/>

Optimize the way your workforce functions with NICE solutions. Innovative organization techniques, performance management and improving forecast accuracy is what you’ll gain with your tailored NICE solution product. Interactive Capture Systems offers training and management services to make sure your team is utilizing solutions to the fullest.

Quality Management<br/><br/>

Learn how we can optimize the efficiency of your call center and perfect customer experience with our Quality Management Optimization tools. To stay ahead of the game, you must continue to improve customer experience and ultimately drive sales and the team at Interactive Capture Systems can help.

Call Recording<br/>

In the high stress world of emergency call centers, air traffic controls and command centers, having an easy-to-use call recording platform is imperative to day-to-day operations. NICE technologies offer three different types of advanced audio recordings to fit your needs. Interactive Solutions can install your recording and train your employees on all three of these solutions.

NICE <br/>

Perfecting Customer Experience. Protecting People & Assets. Fighting Financial Crime.
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